One Punch UK was set up in 2014 to raise awareness about the devastation a One Punch assault can cause

We have first-hand experience as we lost our 19yr son Kristian to a One Punch Assault in 2011.

We set up our campaign with support from many organisations.

We raise awareness by delivering workshops to school, colleges, prisons, probation hubs, Etos units, clubs and groups.

We openly discuss all the factors that lead up to a One Punch assaults, and make people aware of their actions and the consequence’s.

2020 Campaigns

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awareness week 20.jpg

2019 Campaigns

awareness day 19.jpg

One Punch Awareness Week 2019

#DontUseHandsAsWeapons 2019

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2018 Campaigns

One Punch Awareness Day 2018

One Punch in Houses of Parliament

Punched Out Cold

December 2018

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