Support Services

One Punch can offer a unique support service to victims and more often than not bereaved relatives following one punch assaults. Having experienced first-hand the devastation one punch assault can cause on the family unit.


We can: 

  • Offer a hand to hold and vital support both verbally and face to face through therapeutic visits and mindfulness with Maxine.   

  • Family education on one Punch and sentencing

  • We offer knowledge and experience from a unique perspective of having experienced bereavement through one punch violence

  • We can provide practical advice with benefits, funeral planning and sourcing funding, travelling.

  • We offer signposting to services of whom have all been through our due diligence checks, these services can include headway for travel support and or social activities for those who have survived a one punch attack and seek rehabilitation.


At present this service is offered on a voluntary basis whilst vital funding is secured. Fundraising or donor support is always appreciated